The penalties in Pennsylvania for driving under the influence of alcohol or a controlled substance are serious and severe. A drunk driving conviction could result in a range of consequences, including suspension of your driver's license for up to 18 months, fines of up to $10,000 and up to five years in prison.

An experienced Scranton DUI defense lawyer can explain your rights and help you seek reduced charges. If you have been charged with DUI, you need a dedicated criminal defense attorney to aggressively advocate on your behalf.

Trust An Attorney With Extensive Courtroom Knowledge

As a former member of the DUI Unit of the Lackawanna County District Attorney's Office, I worked on more than 1,000 DUI cases. Throughout that time, I gained valuable knowledge of both prosecution and defense tactics. That experience, coupled with a tenacious drive to protect the rights of individuals in Scranton and throughout northeast Pennsylvania, puts me at a distinct advantage for achieving the best possible solutions in all types of DUI cases.

Higher Blood Alcohol Levels, Higher Penalties

The severity of a sentence for a DUI conviction in Pennsylvania depends on the number of prior offenses as well as the defendant's blood alcohol content (BAC). The following tiers are used to determine the penalties for a DUI conviction:

  • Tier 1: .08 to less than .10 BAC
  • Tier 2: .10 to less than .16 BAC
  • Tier 3: .16 and above BAC and/or controlled substances, which includes some commonly prescribed medications

While a lower BAC means lesser consequences, any DUI conviction has significant consequences. First-time offenders can benefit from the Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition (ARD) program. This diversionary program keeps defendants out of the courtroom and can result in a DUI expungement, giving them a second chance to move forward on a positive path.

Regardless of the specific circumstances of a DUI charge, the attorney you choose to represent you can make a significant difference in the outcome of your case. With a vast knowledge of DUI courtroom proceedings, I skillfully pursue reduced or a dismissal of charges whenever possible.

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